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To day it is not that much special in my life. However, I was feeling bad. My mother tongue is bengali. I was google-ing by typing the phrase “Mon Kharap”. I found a lot of blogs. After visiting few blogs I thought that I will start blogging from tonight. So, I have started.


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  1. Dear Rajib,

    I have found another Rajib .. no matter ! I don’t know your age .I presume you are much younger than me. Without knowing your reason for your ‘Mon Kharap’ I share the same…I am an exDefence Officer (Civ.) of 76 yrs. old possessing young spirit. Don’t be analytical in life. No body gets everything. For example , I am an widower having one son and one daughter. They are well settled. They are all busy with their service and grands are with studies. Most of the time I stay with my daughter as she does not like to spare me at this age. Even then I went to my home to stay from time to me alone as my son doing his service elsewhere and so keen to lookafter me.

  2. Biswas says:

    Dear Mr. Bhattacharyya,
    It is my pleasure to see your comments and suggestions. Yes you are right, I am 25 years old (probably younger than your son and daughter). You are much more experienced in drawing line in the canvas of life. However, plenty of reasons are there to have ‘Mon Kharap’. I have realized one thing very clearly that after one point we all are very lonely.

  3. rikhia says:

    hello rajib da…i know exactly what you mean…..sometimes we ourselves cannot find the reason for having ‘mon kharap’……..I suppose you were into that state of mind…..but at times, it feels nice to be in the ‘mon kharap’ state…..which sunil ganguly apropriately described as ‘dukkher bilashita’……and we can afford such sumptuousness at some moment of our life… :)…carry on…..btw….I find that it is the date on which I left Bangalore…….so we perhaps shared ‘mon kharap’ at the same time of life….for the same or different reason…. 😉

    • Biswas says:

      Dear rikhia,
      I do not remember why I was having ‘mon kharap’ at that day. However, I can only recognize that on that day I was mentally disturbed. I could not find anything to do. I was feeling so sad. I wanted to do something to overcome that situation. So I started blogging.
      Both of you are correct in your on way of thinking. Sometimes life needs some flow, some stream, some kind of storm that will take your all ‘mon kharap’. And I believe people can get that kind of flow only by flowing their emotions.

  4. Dear rikhia,

    It is a beautiful thread you have pasted….It is a fact that everyone should possess emotiom..but emotion some times make some one unhappy. Emotion varies from man to man. Who is too emotional, he or she suffers from Sunil Ganguly’s ‘dukkher bilashita’ . But there are some exception to the rule. Everyone should try to control his or her emotion to the optimum level.

  5. rikhia says:

    yaah…emotions should be controlled when it comes to facing the world….but not always while writing a blog i suppose….because it is one of the very few places where we can truly open our heart out……. 🙂

  6. Dear rikhia,

    You are correct to some extent. When an emotionally perturb man writes a blog how can he escape from detailing his pathos….opening heart to others is the only solution to get relief from emotional burden…What’s your view ? With thanks.

  7. Dear Rajib (Biswas),

    My life is very eventful…bad and good both…what I feel compairing with others that I am an emotional man. During the period of my service I was posted outside of my home province to different stations in different states… I had to face 1971 war far away from my family. I served my …family….country honestly….now I am alone…and …alone …. My own peoples are with me, even then I am alone. I have nothing to do….that is why I engage myself in social work to the extent I can do. i cannot ignore a dying beggar lying on the roads when others are passing by…I am emotional ! My humble advice to deploy your emotion and goodness in friendship,social work etc….”YOUR MAN KHARAP” will moove away….wIth best wishes. forex investment

  8. Dear rikhia,

    Your comments are specific and appreciable. With thanks.

  9. Dear Rajib,

    Since yesterday evening I am suffering from ‘MON KHARAP’ , for what you know ? ..’POONA (PUNE) incident snatched away three teens of our city at no wrong of them. I also mourn the losses of the foreigners and Indians who lost their lives. Try to be safe… as far as practicable. I feel that no one is safe until he dies ! With best wishes to you and your friends.

  10. Dear Rajib,

    To-day is the 150th. Janmatithi of ‘SREE RAMAKRISHNA PARAMAHANSHA DEV’.We are all busy in a rat race to win better education, better job and economically a better life.In lieu we are to spare our peace of mind. I will request all, atleast to-day, to think over the philosophy of ‘SREE RAMAKRISHNA’ . With Ramakrishna saranam. forex expert

  11. Dear Rajib (Biswas),

    Hope you are keeping well. Off the track, let me tell you that without having any training in computer vis-a-vis internet I have hoisted a website :……just to kill time. During my service period ‘internet’ /computer was not inducted. Now at oldage I am learning ‘ABCD’ of computer/internet etc. I would request you to view my websie and keep your valuable comments in the Guest Book. With thanks.

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