Breaking of a dream by pigeon!

It was not a rainy day. I was walking under the tree. I was talking to myself. I was telling an unwritten story, about the love, the passion, the feelings, the loneliness, the beauty, the dreams and lot more. I was talking with me, suddenly somebody came to me. He told me I am Chryst Halle, my girlfriend is not willing to marry me because I am a CHRYST. I did not understand what was he talking about. Then he added that there was a riot, when all the slums have been burned by promoters. However, Halle and his girlfriend both of them were not from any slum, they were coincidentally victims of that fire. That time Chryst has saved her life and then offered her that “Will you marry me, I am Chryst Halle and I am a CHRYST”. I was expecting an answer, from his girlfriend. I did not know her name. He did not talk about her name. I only remember he was Halle, Chryst Halle. I was eagerly waiting to hear the answer. Then I realized that somebody is screaming on my forehead. I woke up from sleep, realize that a pigeon was happily roaming on my forehead. The door towards the balcony was opened. I just shook my head and he/she became afraid and started flying inside my room. Then I opened the main door and I got rescue from pigeon.

After that I was thinking what I was dreaming. I never dreamed like that. It was too clear. I can remember the boy’s voice. “I am Chryst Halle”, like Shahrukh saying my name is Khan .. Khhann from epiglottis.


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2 Responses to Breaking of a dream by pigeon!

  1. Dear Rajib (Biswas),
    You are a literature-minded (specially poems) youngman as I feel. I am very interested to know if you, the Bengalees of Bangalore (Bangaluru) have organised any function to observe the Tagore’s 150th. Birth Day? With best wishes.

    • Biswas says:

      I do not know about Bengalees of Bangaluru, what they exactly did in that auspicious day. However, within campus we have organized a small function to celebrate the Rabindranath’s and Najrul’s birthday together, on 30th May’10. Students from campus performed a danced drama “Chandalika” by Tagore and also a “Geeti-Alekhya: Jadi Aar BaNshi Naa Baaje” composed of Najrul’s Songs and Poems.

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