As I have already enlightened about my interest in poetry, my another passion is dramatics. I like to act. Whenever I chat with my colleagues and friends I used to act. I always try to make people happy by acting some funny skit. It is not  ‘THE’ all about my acting. We have a small “Bengali” cultural club in IISc. We used to play one or two drama (s) in a year. I had a great opportunity to work with our beloved director Biswanath Banerjee.  He  is a final year PhD student. I have learned a lot from him. We all are students here for study and making our future. However apart from that we also like to spent sometimes on this. I have acted in two dramas: 1) Shiber Osadhyi by Manoj Mitra another one is 2) Neelkantho by Utpal Dutt. In this context I would like to say that my hero is Utpal Dutt. I have learned a lot from his acting. One of my wish is to act in “Tiner Toloar” by him as Benimadhab Chattujje aka Kapten-babu. (he has acted in this character)

Utpal Dutt

Utpal Dutt as Othello

“Revolutionary theatre is essentially people’s theatre, which means it must be played before the masses,..” —Utpal Dutt

Tiner Toloyar Part-1
Tiner Toloyar Part-2
Tiner Toloyar Part-3
Tiner Toloyar Part-4


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